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About Anne

Please call me Anne.

I’m a married mother of three sons, a native of Maryland and a veteran public servant with a long record of accomplishments. I want exactly what you want in the next Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney. I want someone who will work for a more safe and just county and who has the morals and ethics to do the job.

That’s what I did as a prosecutor in the county for 25 years, including two as interim State’s Attorney from 2013 to 2015. And that’s what I will do again if elected to a full four-year term as State’s Attorney this November 6, 2018.

The job of State’s Attorney is to seek justice for all, and shouldn’t be a partisan position. In fact, politics should play no role in running what is the largest law firm in the county. The State’s Attorney’s Office handles the majority of criminal cases that occur within our county and on our waters.

Together, we – young and old, men and women, members of all races, business leaders and hourly workers, elected officials and private citizens, Independents, Democrats and Republicans – can make life better for all.

I demonstrated that core belief in working my way up from being a young law clerk to a district court prosecutor to the first woman on the Anne Arundel County State’s Attorney’s Violent Crimes Unit.

I later lead the unit before being picked by the county’s Circuit Court judges on June 11, 2013, to fill out the remainder of the then-retiring state’s attorney’s term. For the next two years, I had a staff of 110 employees and successfully managed a $9.3 million budget. I increased grant funding for victims’ services and a gun-crimes prosecutor. I upgraded the office’s technology and created a modern website. I expanded drug court for non-violent offenders to enter treatment in lieu of jail time. I worked with county police to let its officers be "on call" for their court cases so they could respond to calls for service from the citizens of the county rather than wait around in court.

Perhaps most importantly, I expanded a community outreach program that educates the public on such topics such as: internet safety, elder fraud and abuse, drug and gang awareness and dating violence. I did all of this without increasing our budget.

Life has its ups and down and in November 2014 I suffered a down. I was defeated in the election for State’s Attorney. But I remained active in law enforcement. I was hired to lead a team of 15 prosecutors in Baltimore’s Special Victim's Unit. There, I won justice for victims of domestic violence, elder abuse, child abuse and sexual assault. This experience made me an even better prosecutor and helped convince me to again run for State’s Attorney.

I grew up in Laurel, Md., and graduated in 1981 from Laurel High School where I was on the honor roll and track team. In 1985, I graduated from West Chester University and then went to University of Baltimore Law School where I received my Juris Doctorate in 1988. I began my career in the courtroom as a law clerk for a year before becoming a prosecutor.

I am proud to say that I have earned a reputation for being a hard-working and well-prepared prosecutor. I was selected by the prior Anne Arundel State’s Attorney in 1998 to lead the prosecution in the retrial of Scotland Williams for the brutal murder of two attorneys in their Annapolis home. In the case, I successfully introduced Mitochondrial DNA evidence for the first time in Maryland, helping secure a conviction and two life sentences. In 2013 I convicted two people in the murder for hire of Dr. Albert Ro, a Glen Burnie dentist whose case had remained unsolved for seven years.

I am also proud of having earned a reputation for treating people with dignity and fairness, for focusing on victims and their families and for tenaciously prosecuting repeat violent offenders. 

With my experience and expertise, I have testified before the Maryland General Assembly several times to help improve state laws. In 2006, I helped change the law to prohibit illegal and clandestine videotaping of people in private places. In 2015, I testified to permit the use of so-called prior crimes evidence against serial rapists and sexual child abusers.  This year, the Serial Predator Prevention Act (HB 301 and SB 270) was enacted, allowing a rapist's or child abuser's prior actions be cited as evidence at their trials to show a pattern of such behavior.  

In 2015, I helped my SVU team convict serial offender Nelson Bernard Clifford of rape—a man who had repeatedly escaped conviction—and is now serving 33 years in prison.  

I have lived in Anne Arundel County for more than 25 years as an active member of the community. I served as the president of the Anne Arundel County Bar Association where I was honored for helping homeless youth in public schools. I have also been recognized by others - including the Anne Arundel County Executive, Sheriff, Chief of Police, Maryland State's Attorney's Association and the Korean Society of Anne Arundel County - for my dedication to victims of violent crime.

My career, my record, has shown that as State’s Attorney, I am dedicated to making our county a better place, and I will never play political games with our families’ safety.